Wallflower Weekly Finds, 311

Breakfast with a view at An Inn 2 Remember, a bed and breakfast cottage in Sonoma.

Last weekend, we went up north to Sonoma for a quick birthday weekend getaway in wine country. We did some wine tasting, ate amazing Portuguese food and Spanish tapas, and relaxed at a bed and breakfast. It was a much-needed weekend getaway to escape from the busyness of life.

In the meantime, we’re back in the city, searching for the perfect apartment to rent and move into. I think we’ve found the one. Just finalizing the paperwork now! So excited for the next chapter of our lives.


In this week’s finds…

How perfect would this crustless broccoli quiche be for weekend brunch?

How delicious does this pasta alla papalina look? It’s creamy pasta with ham and green peas. So simple yet so delicious and perfect for a weeknight meal. Especially if you have pasta cravings.

Seriously wanting this matcha rose ice cream in my life right now.

These milk chocolate passionfruit tartlets sound soo delicious and so decadent.

I want to try this Oreo mint ice cream pie in my life ASAP.

How amazing does this aloo tikki chaat look?

The gorgeousness of these blueberry cupcakes with blueberry cream cheese frosting?

How cozy does this Chinese chicken noodle soup look?

I definitely need to try these vegetarian enchiladas.

How mouthwatering is this shrimp and chorizo jambalaya pasta?

I would love to try these caramel carrot cake cupcakes.

How comforting does this cauliflower potato soup with smoked gouda sound?

I love cheesecakes of all kinds and this blackberry cheesecake with blackberry swirls and a lemon Oreo crust sound sooo amazing.

This grilled king prawn fish cakes, ramsons, and Asian broth sound soo delicious.

How pretty does this chocolate affogato al caffe look?

I seriously need to try these cheesy potato and herb stacks soon.


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