Wallflower Weekly Finds, 259

Have you seen Hamilton yet?

A few days ago, we went to see Hamilton a second time because we won Hamilton lottery tickets. Each ticket only cost $10. If you haven’t had a chance to watch Hamilton yet, I highly recommend it. I would also highly recommend downloading the Hamilton app and entering the lottery for a chance to win a pair of cheap tickets to the show.

In this week’s finds….


How gorgeous are these dulce de leche and coconut alfajores?

These cauliflower hash browns look amazing.

This chocolate layer cake with Bailey’s condensed milk frosting sounds soo good.

How delicious does this creamy white chicken chili look?

This dulce de leche ice cream and this matcha madeleine would make the perfect dessert.

This lemon poppy seed bread would make the perfect breakfast in the spring.

I definitely need to try this slow cooker chicken chili verde.

How amazing does this double chocolate mousse cake look?

This vegan stew and this ham and potato soup would be perfect on cold days.

These homemade crepes would be perfect for the weekend.

Oooh…. I need to try these french onion chicken lasagna roll up.

How delish does this Spanish rice pudding sound?

This instant pot buffalo chicken tacos would make the perfect weeknight dinner.

Seriously drooling over this blackberry marionberry pie.

Definitely need these mint Oreos covered in chocolate in my life.

How dreamy does this almond cake with dark chocolate glaze look?

Cannot wait to try these blueberry cake donuts.

I am seriously in need of these carrot cake bars. It looks sooo good.

Okay, it’s official this saucy cilantro lime tahini noodles with honey sweet potatoes sounds sooo delicious.

I cannot wait to try this one skillet saucy chicken tortilla enchilada rice bake.

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