Wallflower Weekly Finds, 193

It’s been a really difficult week in California. You may have heard that there are fires burning both in the North and in the South. The Camp Fire, as the wildfire in the Northeast part of California is called, has been devastating. So many lives lost, so many people without homes. It’s going to be a difficult holiday season for so many people. And as awful as it sounds, and as depressing as it is, these wildfires seem to be our new reality.

San Francisco has been smoky since last Thursday when the fire started. Since then, it has gotten so much worse. Our homes smell like smoke. We’re told to wear masks when going outside. A blanket of orange haze sits over the city. And it is predicted that this will continue for at least another week.

This photo shows what it looks like at 9 in the morning.




In the mean time, since we’re less than a week away from Thanksgiving, we’re going to talk about Thanksgiving recipes. These are my favorites from this week.

Pre-Dinner Ideas

Okay, so if you’re like me, you’re probably starving as you’re cooking. Or you could have guests who are getting impatient. These cheese board ideas sound amazing for snacking. And these tips and tricks for charcuterie and cheese boards are perfect for entertaining.

Cocktail hour should include this smoked maple old fashioned or this pomegranate prosecco smash or this spiced cranberry rose spritzer.


The Turkey

The flavor in this lemon herb roasted turkey breast.

If you need seasoning ideas for your turkey, this garlic herb peppercorn dry brine sounds delish.

This rosemary apricot glazed turkey sounds soo good.

Oh my gosh. Apple cider rosemary turkey.

What about this orange rosemary glazed roast turkey?


Thanksgiving Sides

Cherry apple stuffing and this herby mushroom croissant stuffing sound perfect for Thanksgiving.

Drooling over these garlic herb butter parker house rolls.

Are you a fan of brussels sprouts? These balsamic brussels sprouts sound soo good.

I need this brussels sprouts gratin in my life.

Asiago scalloped potatoes would make the perfect side.


Thanksgiving Dessert

How amazing does this pumpkin pecan pie sound? Plus, it’s gluten free too.

How gorgeous does this cranberry meyer lemon pie with gingersnap crust look?

This pumpkin cake with milk chocolate cream cheese frosting sounds perfect for entertaining.

How delish does this salted caramel apple pie sound?

Omg. Bourbon brulee pumpkin pie.


  1. Bethany-Jade says:

    I hope everything is ok for you. I am from the UK but took a holiday in San Francisco at the end of October as the fires began. Your city is so beautiful and I could totally see myself living there. I am so sad to see how quickly the bay area has been taken over by the fires and hope that the fires can be stopped soon so people can start to rebuild their lives.

  2. whippetwisdom says:

    It is so sad and our thoughts and prayers are with all the people affected by the fires and with the fire fighters and emergency services, who are doing an amazing job. Stay safe Andrea and an air purifier would be really good to have in your home at this time.

  3. Jade M. Wong says:

    I’m glad you and your family are safe, Andrea! It is unfortunate that this is the new reality and I can’t believe it’s not enough for all the climate change deniers yet. I hope we’re all able to band together and be proactive in preventing more disasters, before the state of the planet shifts to an irreversible one.

    On a different note, another great collection of recipes, Andrea! The lemon herb roasted turkey breast sounds divine!!

  4. Gift of Hospitality says:

    It is so horrifying to watch the news of the wildfires from where I am in Chicago. I’m praying for a swift end to the fires and the restoration of these communities of people who have lost so much.

    On another note, thank you for the link love on the turkey breast. 🙂

  5. soullfire says:

    It’s both astonishing and sad that there are people that still deny climate change despite all these increasing natural weather gyrations and ecological disasters.
    It’s also clear we need a better warning and evacuation system in place to deal with the new reality of increased chance of fires.
    You may want to look into getting an air cleaner/purifier to help with the smoke in house.
    I’m glad that you are safe.

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