Wallflower Weekly Finds, 178

Last weekend I went to the first Norcal Night Market in the Bay Area. There was so much hype around the event and the line up looked soo good. But there were so many people at the night market it was impossible to move around. Lines for every vendor were about an hour long each just to order and then another 15-20 minutes wait for the food.

Spam Musubi

Oh wells. It wasn’t too bad for a first ever event in the Bay Area. Sadly, this isn’t the worst event I’ve been to. lol. On the bright side, I got to try spam musubi topped with Hot Cheetos crumbs. It’s not spicy enough for me, but it’s soo good.

In this week’s finds….

These sesame ginger soba noodles look sooo delicious and perfect for weeknight dinners.

How delish does this homemade ice cream sandwiches with coffee caramel ice cream look?

Oh my gosh, this sweet cherry pie look soo good.

This watermelon grapefruit paloma sounds like the perfect summer cocktail.

These charred cherry whiskey lemonades sound like the perfect way to use up your cherries.

This southern tomato pie sound like the perfect summer meal.

I’ve been so obsessed with hummingburd cake lately, but it’s so difficult to find them in the Bay Area since it’s a southern dessert. Soo… it’s kinda nice to have this dairy free and gluten free hummingbird cake with cream cheese frosting recipe to make at home.

These chicken chorizo meatballs and these salmon with creamy avocado sauce look soo amazing.

Omg! These unicorn cupcakes!

This shrimp, bacon, and cheddar polenta sounds soo good.

This chia coconut mango pudding looks so delish.

I’m going to need to try these mussels and charred corn with coconut tomato sauce soon.

I love all sorts of toast and this heirloom tomato, basil, and manchego toast sounds so perfect for summer.

Um, how mouthwatering does this chocolate caramel crunch ice cream bars sound?

This chocolate chip cookie layer cake <3


  1. Connie says:

    I was suppose to go but my friends told me how it was super chaotic and not worth it. I saw that in September that they’re doing the event again. Would you recommend checking it out?

    • Andrea | Cooking with a Wallflower says:

      I think that by September the team behind the night market will have it down. I think they weren’t prepared for the number of people who showed up. Which makes no sense to me since there were so much promotion for it and there are so many foodies in the Bay Area. But now they’ve done one, I think September will be better. I’m actually going to the night market in So Cal at the end of the month to check it out too. But just in case, wear comfortable shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Have a game plan set so you know where you want to go. Download the map from their site beforehand. I had no cell reception and all my bookmarks were online. Hope that helps!

  2. soullfire says:

    With crowded events like that it’s best to go with a couple of friends, and then split up to go to different booths to order for everyone, then meet to split up the grub. Then you’ll get to try more food at a fraction of the time. =)

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