Wallflower Weekly Finds, 157

Earlier this week, I met up with my friend Emily, from Emily’s Daily, for some much needed brunch time. Both of us have been so busy with work that we haven’t had time for anything else. So we took a couple hours off to catch up.

Raw Sugar Factory

We decided to eat at a newish brunch place called Raw Sugar Factory because they had green tea french toast on the menu. We’re both obsessed with matcha green tea. And oh my gosh, their drink menu! Guava mimosa, lychee mimosa, lychee iced tea, just to name a few. And that giant hash brown! So crispy, just the way I like it.

In this week’s finds…


Have you guys seen the new show 9-1-1? I’m addicted to crime drama, and while this show is less of a mystery, it’s still sooo good. I’m hooked.

Um, and did anyone catch the ending of the Bachelor? It’s another one of my guilty pleasure shows.

In food finds…


How delicious does this millionaire shortbread look?

I love that these small batch carrot cupcakes with cream cheese frosting are the perfect amount for dessert. I can’t overindulge too much.

These guinness brownies look amazing.

This vegan coconut cake looks soo delish.

Um, guys. These Lucky Charms cereal milk confetti cupcakes!

Mint chocolate chip cookie cake! Do I really need to say more?

Oh my gosh, I need to try these mint oreo cheesecake cupcakes.

How cute are these marbled fudge neopolitan M&M cookies?

I love that this soup is a vegan twist to the classic Vietnamese comfort food, pho.

Oh. My. God. Birthday cake cookie butter!

I’m drooling over these chocolate mint triple decker brownies!

These sticky Asian ribs look perfect for dinner!

It’s been so ridiculously cold lately that this creamy white bean tortellini soup would be perfect to keep me warm.

These blueberry “eeyore” macarons! <3

This rustic blood orange galette is perfect as a winter dessert.

How unique are these butternut squash pancakes with chai poached nectarines?

This cardamom rose latte sounds soo amazing.


  1. BachelorOfTarts (@bacheloroftarts) says:

    Hi there Andrea! Thanks very much for linking my millionaire shortbread! It is one of my favourite treats, but one I don’t make too often as it is so rich!

    That was the first time I posted on FoodGawker and I am very happy with the how it went, so I look forward to contributing some more!

    Many thanks again 🙂

  2. BachelorOfTarts (@bacheloroftarts) says:

    Hi there Andrea!
    Thanks very much for mentioning my milionaire shortbread! It’s too rich to make all of the time, unfortunately, which is probably a good thing. 😀

    That was the first thing I posted to FoodGawker and I was very happy with the results, and I look forward to contributing more!

    Many thanks again 🙂

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