Life of a Wallflower, 22 – February

I’ve been so busy these last few weeks. Honestly, ever since Thanksgiving.

I had friends visiting, Lunar New Year, working interviews, volunteering at dental screenings for low income preschoolers, not to mention work and the blog.

On Valentine’s Day, my friend Jen and I had a girl’s day out.

We had brunch at Art’s Café, which is known for their hash brown sandwiches. Honestly though, it’s more like a hash brown omelet than a sandwich. Maybe I can replicate these at home?

Jen got the Spinach, Onions, Mushrooms, and Hot Sausage Hash Brown Sandwich

Art's Cafe

Life of a Wallflower 22 2

I got the Bi Bim Bop Veggie Omelet.

Life of a Wallflower 22 3

Life of a Wallflower 22 4

After that we went across the city-ish for Smitten Ice Cream. They make their ice cream in small batches using liquid nitrogen.

I ordered the Earl Grey with Milk Chocolate Chips.

Life of a Wallflower 22 5

Life of a Wallflower 22 6

Then we went to Two Sisters Bar and Books. Such a cute little bar made to look like a bookstore. We ordered their deviled eggs. Although, I don’t know how you get three egg halves.

Life of a Wallflower 22 7

Life of a Wallflower 22 7.5

Life of a Wallflower 22 8

Japantown has a new milk tea place called Mitsu Tea House. They serve cotton candy with their milk tea. Doesn’t it look like mushrooms? I’m not a fan of cotton candy, so I made my friend eat them. I just wanted it for the novelty. And to try it.

Life of a Wallflower 22 9

Lunar New Year meant tons of food. On the day of New Year’s, my family ate vegetarian. It’s a tradition.

Life of a Wallflower 22 10

Life of a Wallflower 22 11

Life of a Wallflower 22 12

My friend from dental hygiene school visited and I took her out to brunch at Sweet Maple, which is famous for their Millionaire’s Bacon. My favorite place for brunch in SF.

We had the Blackstone Benedict and the Pacifica Salad.

Life of a Wallflower 22 13

Life of a Wallflower 22 14

Afterwards, we made kebabs on the grill. And had s’mores in a fire pit in a friend’s backyard.

Life of a Wallflower 22 15

Today, Jen and I decided to celebrate our recent successes with another girl’s day out.

This time lunch at Sushirrito. I mean, seriously, how could we pass up a sushi burrito? In case you’re wondering, it’s much bigger than a regular sushi roll

I ordered the baked salmon with agave soy glaze.

Life of a Wallflower 22 16

And look what we found at Ghirardelli? Um, yes please.

Life of a Wallflower 22 17

And my outings would not be complete without my favorite dessert. Macarons from Napoleon’s Macarons.

Life of a Wallflower 22 18

Then, I had to try one of the new teas I got from Lupicia. Strawberry and Chocolate. So different.

Life of a Wallflower 22 19

As you can tell, my life revolves around food. =)


  1. dfolstad58 says:

    loved your post, and your social life includes food too I think. Nice post, although it could have been two posts if you had done one just focusing on breakfast first. Super photos of the plates, those hashbrowns looked good, crispy!
    Where is your attempt in the kitchen?

  2. Rhonda Sittig says:

    Fun post!! My daughter used to live by Art’s and painted a giant canvas of eggs and bacon from a breakfast photo there!! And we are frequenters of Smitten as well. a little excitement added to your ice cream! Happy New Year to you– (a little late)– thanks for your post!

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