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Welcome to my site!

My name is Andrea. I’m a registered dental hygienist with an obsession with food. I can’t stop talking about it (ask my friends!) or looking for my next favorite dish whether it’s from a restaurant or made in my own kitchen. While I’m not working in a dental office, I can be found cooking and photographing food in my kitchen.

This blog will feature tons of recipes, weekly finds, blogging tips, and occasional peeks into my personal life.

I hope that you will enjoy browsing through my blog and experimenting with food recipes. I know that it can be difficult to find time to cook when you’re balancing so many other things in your life, but my hope is that you will find that cooking can be fun, relatively simple, and stress free. Because really, why would we want to add extra stress in our lives, right?

I want my readers to be able to have fun cooking as well as enjoy what they eat. After all, what’s the point of eating if you don’t like what you eat? Which means just because I use certain ingredients in my recipe does not mean that you can’t substitute in some of your favorite ingredients. I’ll even make suggestions for inspiration.

Anyways, have fun and enjoy yourselves!

If you have questions or comments and would like to contact me, please feel free to email me at cookingwithawallflower@gmail.com, message me on Facebook, or send me a Tweet. I’m sure we’ll get to know each other well really soon! =)

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  1. roninjax says:

    Hi Andrea. Thanks for liking my blog post. You have an excellent blog with fantastic food ideas. I attempt to prepare some simple dishes that are gluten free and yeast free. I have some allergies for wheat and yeast so usually if something is gluten free it doesn’t have wheat product in it. I already follow bloglovin so I’ll review it more in-depth to find something I can prepare. Thanks for sharing.

  2. quirkymeadowlark says:

    do you always attach your blog’s name to pictures you take? Do you recommend it? I haven’t been actively blogging very long even though I am a pretty strong writer in general. Especially when I’m doing abouts with food etc; I take my own photos just to show what I’ve had. I guess putting my page name on the photos didn’t occur to me is maybe a step I should take.

    Sorry if this has nothing to do with this post. x3 I was looking for a way to send this to you directly but didn’t see it.

    • Andrea| Cooking with a Wallflower says:

      I attached my blog name from the beginning so I just continue to do it since it’s already set up that way when I edit photos. But you can do it or not. I don’t think it really matters. If someone wants to take photos, they can go out of their way to crop out the watermark. So it’s really up to you what you want. Hope that helps!

  3. Seenorway says:

    Good morning, Andrea –
    Drifting a food blog I’m sure you have good reasons not having registered as a ‘follower’, but – you have made my ‘brown team’ (More than 30 responses), and since I have innstalled a ‘cleaner’ authorized to remove profiles without particular responses (unless over-ruled) 🙂
    you’ll be much safer as a regular ‘follower’. Then you’ll always be alerted to new pictures, which makes it much easier to follow through, don’t you think? Especially if you leave a short comment which would enable me to read your e-mail address
    But it’s entirely your choice. (Just a tip)
    (You’ll make ‘Orange Team’ by 50 responses)

  4. April says:

    Hey Andrea! thanks so much for stopping by and supporting my blog. Love yours and I’m going to follow to learn from you and to support you. I’d appreciate a follow back too xo!!

  5. CuriousMilly says:

    Hey there,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

    I am drooolingggg, I just had a snack and now want to eat all over again. Live to eat, right?
    Trying to up my food photography game, so your posts are super helpful for inspiration and practical tips. Cheers!

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