Wallflower Weekly Finds, 212

Spring is here, and every once in awhile it actually feels like it. You know, in between the grey clouds and the rain. I was having brunch with a friend at Santana Row, a high end shopping area in San Jose, to catch up and to celebrate my birthday late. The cherry blossoms are finally blooming, and it’s so nice to sit outside on the patio to take in all the sight.

Santana Row

In this week’s finds…

I love cupcakes and a classic like these vanilla cupcakes with sprinkles sounds soo perfect for events.

I definitely need these goat cheese scrambled eggs and bacon stuffed crescent rolls in my life.

This avocado egg salad sandwich with sprouts sounds easy to make and so perfect for lunch.

Lychee is one of my favorite fruits and I love that this sweet tea incorporates lychee in it.

How delish does this strawberry apple coffee cake look?

This cornmeal waffle sounds perfect for weekend brunch.

This berry acai bowl looks so delicious and refreshing.

I’ve been back from New Orleans for almost two weeks now, and I’m already missing all that Cajun food. So this creamy cajun shrimp pasta sounds soo amazing right now.

This cherry coconut fudgesicle would be perfect when the weather becomes warmer.

Oh my gosh. How gorgeous is this blueberry thyme galette with berry jam swirl ice cream? It sounds like the ultimate dessert.

I want to try these vegan chocolate cupcakes soon.

How delicious do these tinga-style pork shoulder tacos look? Perfect for a weeknight dinner.

I’m obsessed with the colors in these spring time stacked donut cakes.

Omg. I seriously need to try this dragon fruit buttercream frosting.

I love pistachios so this pistachio bundt cake sounds soo good to me.

These chocolate lover fudgy brownies with espresso sound like the perfect dessert.


    • Andrea | Cooking with a Wallflower says:

      It was so much fun. We got to spend a longer time in the city this time and did touristy things. We mostly ate our way through the city and ate so many beignets. lol. Did a swamp tour. There’s still so many places I wanted to try, but didn’t get a chance to try.

      • Ray Laskowitz says:

        I’m sure you’ll be back. Let me know next time, and I’ll give you a list of new and trendy restaurants as well as some locals places. BTW, I don’t know if you found it, but there is a new dim sum house on Decatur. It is so good that after the first week, they closed to recalibrate for the lines of people waiting to get in.

        • Andrea | Cooking with a Wallflower says:

          I’ll do that next time. Thank you! The new dim sum place was Dian Xin, right? I had it on my bookmark list but didn’t get to go try it. I heard the lines were long and even though I don’t mind waiting in line, there were so many things we wanted to do in New Orleans so we decided not to go this time.

          • Ray Laskowitz says:

            That’s it. Depends. When we went, which was spur of a moment, it wasn’t. But, it can be. Mostly. My wife, who is half Chinese and half British was born and raised in Hong Kong. She wants dim sum to be authentic. She loved it. There is another place, next door to Dorgniacs on Vets that is also great. They bring dim sum around on carts and count your dishes. It’s tiny, but has been there forever so it isn’t quite as popular right now. I cannot think of the name of it, but it is owned by family members if the late Sheriff Harry Lee.

    • sara furcini says:

      Hi Sheree and Andrea! I’m Sara, the chef behind thefrayedapron.com and creator of those fudgy brownies with espresso. Just thought I’d pop over and confirm that they are, in fact, heaven on a plate! Hope you both get around to tasting them for yourselves:)

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