Wallflower Weekly Finds, 152

Happy Friday!

I can’t believe it’s been a week since we were in Vegas! I wish I could go back. Mostly because I want to eat my way through all those amazing restaurants. In less than 48 hours, we ate at five restaurants, one of which was a buffet. But I’ve been inspired by some of the dishes we ate and can’t wait to get started on recreating them at home.

Oh, and these cookies have become my latest obsession! Have you tried Milk Bar’s cookies?

Milk Bar Cookies

In this week’s finds….


Oh my gosh. These chocolate cake pops look soo amazing and perfect for Valentine’s Day. Why do I have a feeling that I can eat most of these myself?

This rich red curry with roasted vegetables is perfect for winter.

I can seriously go for this instant pot honey balsamic chicken.

This roasted jalapeno guacamole salsa is the best of both worlds of dips.

How mouthwatering is this chocolate cake for two? And since it’s in smaller portions, I don’t have to worry about overindulging. Yes, I plan to have both portions for myself =)

I love how easy to make this grilled garlic lime chicken fajita salad is.

You guys! These soft cream cheese cookies are topped with a nutella glaze! Seriously, nutella!

I love blood orange, and this blood orange yogurt cake looks sooo delish.

I’m a huge fan of Korean food so this superfood bibimbap with crispy tofu sounds absolutely amazing. Plus, it’s healthy for you too.

How gorgeous is this one minute quinoa bowl with chicken and roasted winter vegetables?

This small batch of peanut butter rice krispie treats is the perfect snack.

I want to try these roasted cauliflower steaks with paprika cashew cream sauce.

In need of a weeknight dinner meal? This meyer lemon roasted chicken sounds so delicious and refreshing. So does this roasted greek chicken and farro salad with oven fries. Or maybe you prefer these buffalo cauliflower tacos with avocado crema.

These spicy cauliflower cheese bites with tahini ranch sounds like the perfect game day appetizer.


  1. RCubed says:

    I’ll be headed to Vegas in a few days, so I’ll be picking up some of those cookies. I try to not devour them too quickly since it’s usually some time before I go back. That peppermint one sounds like it’s seasonal. I’ll have to get that if I see it! I also like the ones from Honolulu Cookie Co. They have a location in SF, but I think they have a little more variety and exclusive packaging in Vegas.

    • Andrea| Cooking with a Wallflower says:

      Have fun in Vegas! You have to visit Bellagio for the Lunar New Year’s decorations and for their water show. And if you have time, visit China Lights. I didn’t get to go since it’s way off the strip, but it looks sooo fun. And if you want a really nice dinner, try Gordon Ramsay’s Steak. Soooo good. I was just there and they had the Peppermint flavor at Milk. I loved it. As for Honolulu Cookies, we bought a lot. If you buy $50, you get like 5 free cookies? Just ask them for their rewards card. And if you say “dog” you get a free cookie too. They had signs all over the Palazzo

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