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In case you guys are interested in getting updates for new posts on Facebook, I just created a page for Cooking with a Wallflower.


You can get updates directly on Facebook by clicking “Like” on the left side of the screen or by following the link below.


Thank you so much for following Cooking with a Wallflower!





  1. Amazing Nature says:

    I have one offer, that is to make your page looks grate. If you use twitter or pinterest, it will look more beautier. Anyway, thank you too for like and if you want help, I am at your service. That means for everyone.

  2. Maria's Cul-De-Sac Kitchen says:

    Hello Andrea! Wanted to thank you for liking my Irish BeeF Cheddar hand pies on abeautifullifeministry.org blog! Hope you get lots of looks on your blog; getting a Facebook page should really help! I’m still learning all this social media, feel like a dinosaur compared to all you young ones! Wishing you all the best in your online endeavors! Maria of Maria’s Cul-de-sac Kitchen

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