DIY Snow Globe

DIY snow globes made with mason jars, figurines, and glitter. Perfect as a Christmas present or as winter decorations. 

DIY Snow Globe | Cooking with a Wallflower

This post will be different from all my previous posts because it’s not in any way related to food. Crafting is also one of my hobbies, but sometimes it’s difficult to find time to start projects. However, since it’s so close to Christmas, I wanted to make something unique for my family and friends. When I stumbled across images of snow globes, I knew I had to give it a try and share it with my readers. I’ll give step by step instructions so that you can make your own snow globes too. It will be perfect as a Christmas gift or a winter decoration.

You’ll need a few items.

  • A mason jar
  • Figurines
  • White glitter
  • E6000
  • Waterproof spray
  • Water

Simple enough, right? I’ll tell you where I got my supplies so you’ll have an easier time getting them. =)

The mason jar can be bought from Target, Walmart, or any craft stores. I bought mine from Target in a pack of 4 for about $5. I used short pint size ones. You want a wide mouth, that way you’ll have an easier time gluing your figurines to the lid. A narrow mouth would not fit anything. If you want, you can also buy the quart size ones. My friend, Emily, and I bought figurines from Walmart, Dollar Tree, and local craft stores. If you can find figurines or mini ornaments from Walmart and Dollar Tree, I recommend getting them from there. Local craft stores tend to be expensive for figurines. I bought white glitter from Dollar Tree and a local craft store. It was so odd… I tried looking at Target and all they had were glitter glue. Not what I was looking for. The waterproof spray was something Emily already had, but you can buy them from Walmart or Amazon.

First, open the packages for the figurines.

DIY Snow Globe | Cooking with a Wallflower

Decide which you want to use and spray them down with the waterproof spray. If you’re going to submerge the figurines in water for long periods of time, you want to make sure that they’re waterproof and won’t rust or rot. The Krylon Triple-Thick Crystal Clear Glaze will create a protective layer over your figurines.


While you’re waiting for the figurines to dry, which can take up to a few minutes, glue the lid of the mason jar to the rim. You want to make sure that it’s completely sealed so that water cannot leak from those areas later. Use E6000 glue. But be careful when using this glue because it’s industrial strength. It is very strong and permanent. It’s stronger than superglue. Make sure that the surfaces you are working on are covered with scratch paper or newspaper. And whatever you do, don’t get it onto your skin.


Once the figurines are dry, start designing the snow globe by positioning them however you like. I used cheap erasers as my base. The reason for the base is that the lid has rims that are pretty high. You want your figurines to be raised a little so that you can see them better and not blocked by the rim of the lids.


I glued three erasers together so that they’re staircase like. That way I can have my figurines “standing” at different levels. In this case, my trees will be at different heights.

DIY Snow Globe | Cooking with a Wallflower

My trees were relatively plain so I used Correction Fluid, the old school white out with a brush, to brush the tips of the trees to give it a snowy look.

I used E6000 to glue my erasers together to form my base. Then I glued the figurines and ornaments to the erasers, or the base. Hold them together to allow them to stick and dry. Again, be careful when using this glue.

I also had to make sure that they fit under the jar so I placed them on the lid to see if they were centered.

DIY Snow Globe | Cooking with a Wallflower

Glue the entire figurine to the lid and wait awhile for it to dry. Leave it alone and come back for it later. I made the mistake of constantly checking to see if it’s dry and popped them apart. So I had to redo the gluing and waiting process all over again.

DIY Snow Globe | Cooking with a Wallflower

Once the figurines are dry and the base is secured to the lid, add glitter to the glass jar, about ¼ inch. If you want more, go ahead and add more glitter.

Fill water almost to the rim. Place E6000 along the rim. Over a sink, screw the lid tightly onto the jar. You want to make sure you’re doing this above a sink because water will overflow and you’ll get glitter everywhere.

Check to make sure that water does not leak from the snow globe.

Now, you’re done! You can wrap the jar in ribbons or in tissue paper and give them away as presents.

My friend, Emily, also wrote a post with instructions for her version of a DIY Mason Jar Snow Globe. For more ideas, check out Emily’s post.

DIY Snow Globe | Cooking with a Wallflower

Happy Holidays!


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