Life of a Wallflower

These posts are sneak peeks into my every day life. =)


Life of a Wallflower Part 1 – Lake Tahoe

Life of a Wallflower Part 2 – 27th Birthday

Life of a Wallflower Part 3 – More Birthday Outings

Life of a Wallflower Part 4 – Paper Craft Projects and Macarons

Life of a Wallflower Part 5 – #100HappyDays Challenge

Life of a Wallflower Part 6 – Desperately Seeking Patient

Life of a Wallflower Part 7 – Playing the Tourist

Life of a Wallflower Part 8 – Davis Wedding

Life of a Wallflower Part 9 – Summer

Life of a Wallflower Part 10 – The San Francisco Dungeon

Life of a Wallflower Part 11 – Registered Dental Hygienist

Life of a Wallflower, 12 – Wallflower in LA Day 1

Life of a Wallflower, 13 – Wallflower in LA Day 2

Life of a Wallflower, 14 – Wallflower in LA Day 3

Life of a Wallflower, 15 – Wallflower in LA Day 4

Life of a Wallflower, 16 – Filoli

Life of a Wallflower, 17 – CDA Presents Convention

Life of a Wallflower, 18 – Thanksgiving Weekend


  1. Seenorway says:

    Normally we don’t anticipate a particular interest from a cooking blog, however, you’ve become a profile we observe rather often and – you have already qualified for our ‘level blue’ (which is very nice) together with half a hundred others. You do, of course, know that it’s possible to subscribe, thus being alerted by mail every time we publish new pictures?

  2. restless-roots says:

    Dear Andrea,

    thanks so much for liking our blog again !
    I just love to pop by your site each now and then to get some inspiration on what I could do and your pics are always a feast for the eye !!

  3. christine cunningham says:

    I’m finding your blog very interesting and I especially like that you make such healthy recipes…many of them I would like to try…

  4. standingamazedblog says:

    I think I’ll try some of the tea fruit lemonaids. they sound good and I need to drink more fruit. I have been trying some fruit smoothies and love the ones with peach or strawberries. I drink on these for a few days and am utilizing the fresh fruit I freeze.

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