1. brock.alli photography says:

    Hey there! Thanks for checking my post, I’m new to this WordPress thing if you couldn’t tell. I just have a quick question if you have time, I bought a theme from someone on Etsy but now I can’t find where I can upload my own theme, do I have to have a premium account to use it?

  2. dtills says:

    Thank you, so much, for stopping by my blog! Because you liked a post I visited your site and found this, extremely helpful post! I am now following you and hoping to pick up more tips! I just joined bloglovin’ and will be using more of your tips to increase and improve my blog-I have only been live for a month and have so much to learn!
    Thank you and Happy New Year!

  3. bmdunning15 says:

    Thanks for these! I just started my blog and I feel better knowing you had no idea what you were doing at first either. I just wanted to blog my thoughts and then eventually grow it into a money making machine—once I can show myself I’m committed to blogging freqeuntly!

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